Mobile App Development

Servenergy IT Consultancy is in an extremely dynamic and competitive world of business today, addressing all our challenges. We are here with expertise in mobile aplication development technology with wide ranging technical skills and platforms. We place great emphasis on Quality assurance and reliability of applications developed. We develop mobile applications for two most widely used platforms, which are Android & ios. We have our own R&D department working on our own products. Our products are in development phase and will be launched soon in the market. We are very sure that our applications will utilise the power smart phone has given to its user and ease the life style of the user. We also serve the customers asper their own need, we develop mobile applications for this platforms as per the customers need.
*Unique design,
*User friendly interface,
*Handiness are the guaranteed deliverables in our service.

Android Application development:

Today smartphones have became an most important part of one`s life. It is being hard to sustain without a smartphone for even single day. What has increased the importance of smartphones to this extent is the applications present in them. By experts study it has been proposed that there are approx. 1.5 billion smartphones used in todays world. Amongst which android ios ranks first with approx 800 million users after which second ranks apple ios with approx 300 million users. Our team contains expert developers to develop static as well as dynamic android mobile applications. Our developers are not only intelligent but also expereinced in this feild.

ios Application development:

Apple has always created its unique image in technology world. Apple is distinct for its design, quality and service; respectively in device security issues. So developing an application that is supported by ios needs an special training and skill set, which we have brought in our employees. Apple ios stands second with approx 300 million smart phone users. Keeping thins in mind we also develop Ios applications for any apple device. We gaurantee about quality of work in appropriate time and costing.