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Digitization Concept & Necessity

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What is Digitization?

Concept: Digitization means acquiring, converting, storing and providing information in a computer format that is standardized, organized and available on demand from common system.

Why to digitize?

Archival Digitization Necessity :

For preservation:The purpose is, in the first place, to create accurate reproductions of the original documents on a long lasting medium. These reproductions need to satisfy both users of today and future potential users, and must, therefore, both be of high quality and possess a physical stability that can be maintained over time.
- To promote access to manuscripts.
- For preservation in a long lasting medium and creating a back up copy with as close as a resemblance to the original as possible.
- To reduce handling of very fragile or frequently used original manuscripts.
- This vast archival resource will be accessible to users through this project.
- Simultaneous access to many.
- Efficient Delivery of Information.
- Promotion to Research and Business activity.
- Conversion of rare Collection.
- Save Time and Efforts.
- No Physical Boundaries.
- Easily Transferable.

Day-to-day Digitization Necessity :

In today`s world an individual don`t have much time to look behind himself, in such busy
world time is more important than money. So to save time behind searching any document, contents of any document the concept of digitization is very needful. Also digitization reduces paperwork, and as it converts physical hardcopy documents into electronic format it saves lot of office space that is required to keep records, files etc. So in digitization we perform few tasks they are,
-Hardcopy collection & sorting alphabetically.
-Detaching hardcopies into single pages.
-Scanning of all documents.
-Editing, cropping if required.
-OCR (Optical Character Reorganisation) if demanded.
- Creating searchable database of the scanned files.
-Creating search engine that produces results/reports of various types supporting previously created database.

How to digitize?

Proccess & Steps :

We have expertise in digitization, we serve consultation on digitization for free. Further if the project is assigned to us it remains our concern to give quality output in given time limit. Below given is the Archival Digitization`s process chart published by National Mission for Manuscripts in their Guidelines. We follow the same for our digitization projects.

***Note: We refer and work according to the Guidelines set by National Mission for Manuscripts (NMM) for archival digitization.